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The Tinlin, Tinline and Tinling Homepage

Welcome to the Tinlin, Tinline and Tinling webpage! My name is Bryan Tinlin, and I have been collecting information on the above three surnames for some twenty years.  Most of what I have found is available here on this site.  I no longer have the time to keep adding to the site, so I believe I'll leave something for future Tinlins, Tinlines and Tinlings to research!  Sort of like a book that's been published and now others can take it from here. If you need something about yourself deleted, please contact me. Click on the "Contact" link on the left site of the page for my e-mail.

DNA STUDY: For information on the Tinlin, Tinline and Tinling DNA study, go HERE. We need more volunteers!

The “Dictionaries” contain individuals who I have not yet assigned to a particular family tree.  If you know which tree one of these people belongs to, please let me know.  If you are looking for an individual and can't find them on this new site, you may want to look at the Dictionary on the old site, where everyone is listed alphabetically by first name, or use the search box below.

This really is a collaborative work, and I want to thank everyone who has sent me material to add to it, and all those whose information I have gathered from the Internet.  I have tried to document the source of each individual piece of information.

Please note - the old website (located here) still has some information that I have not transferred here, but it is not being updated any longer.

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